Presto entertains families at Camas Library
Presto entertains kids at Cedar Hills Mall
Presto the Magician - Comedy Magic Entertainment
Presto the Magician performs his comedy magic at Mukilteo Library in Seattle Washington
Birthday Party Entertainment


Make your child the star with Presto the Magician!  Presto offers a basic, deluxe, and ultimate birthday package and even a birthday party magic class!

Library Magic Shows


Presto’s Summer reading programs and “just-for-fun” comedy magic shows are a guaranteed favorite at libraries!

School Assmebly Magic Shows


Bring Presto to your school for fundraiser kickoffs, incentive assemblies, reading week, or just for fun!  Presto offers educational programs, as well as “just-for-fun” magic shows.

Special Events Entertainment


Presto performs at a variety of venues throughout the Pacific Northwest, including company parties, mall events, grand openings, and more!

Presto the Magician entertains at Bethany Fountain in Portland
Photo of presto the magician

Kevin (aka Presto) first got interested in magic when he was eight years old and watched his uncle perform magic at a family reunion. After convincing his parents to buy him a magic set, and quickly learning all the tricks, he was performing shows for his neighborhood out of his garage! When he was 14, Kevin started performing for events in the Seattle area, including the Seattle Children’s Hospital, where he performed with his brother, Evan. “I loved seeing how laughter took the sadness out of the children’s faces,” Kevin says. Kevin’s love of magic has continued to this day (basically, he never grew up), where he performs full-time at events throughout the Pacific Northwest. As a magician in Portland, Presto currently performs nearly 300 shows each year!

“In the end, I chose magic. Not because I get to wear that sparkly red vest. Not because I get to go to magic conventions, or even because I get to be my own boss and work my own hours. I chose magic because of the way it makes people feel. I see in the faces of the people I perform for, the same look I had when I was a kid…that same free-spirited imagination that lets kids dream big and makes their eyes wide!”

Presto at age 8

Presto at age 8

“Somehow, as we grow up, and mature, and become more responsible, somehow we lose that magic. It seems that as our brain grows, they shove out the imagination. So-called logic and reason take the place of wonder, amazement, and dreaming big!

The greatest thing about being Presto the Magician is getting to see the faces of small children as they react to the magic. Laughs and smiles when something silly happens, wide eyes, double-takes, and ‘Mom, did you see that!’‘s as things disappear, and imaginations come alive. I truly love what I do, and feel blessed that I can make a living sharing magic with others.

– Kevin (aka Presto!)

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