Presto’s Instant Author Magic Booklet – LICENSE

Are you a family entertainer? Do you perform at schools, libraries, scout events, birthday parties, fairs/festivals, and other public shows? Now you can offer your own magic booklet for sale after your shows, adding hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year to your income!

After being a full-time professional children’s magician for years, and having purchased several other “instant author kits,” I decided I’d rather make my own. The other books were either out-dated, severely over-hyped, or not up to my standards. Some of them contained un-professional drawings, others advocated the use of dangerous and out-dated props like sugar cubes, cigarettes, and knives.

Look at some of the other options for magic “instant author” kits out there:

Competition #1 ($125) – Lots of out-dated tricks and props, unprofessionally formatted, bad artwork

Competition #2 ($197!) – Basically a collection of coloring sheets with another magician’s face on them! (If you want a custom product, you have to pay someone to draw you in the same style and poses, then pay a designer to Photoshop the new pictures in!

Competition #3 ($125) – 20 tricks, no info on # of tricks, only 1-2 drawings per trick!

After purchasing a license, you’ll be able to print and sell these books. Here are a few ways you can use them:

– BOR (Back of Room) sales after your shows (especially libraries and school family night shows!)

– Upsell them to birthday moms as an add-on or alternative to goodie bags

– Give them away to potential clients

– Up-sell them to scout packs, after school groups, and other organizations.

– Use them to teach magic classes, or as a bonus giveaway

– As a value-added item to increase sales of larger BOR items

If you sell magic booklets after your show, you should be selling a booklet that has your contact information and features your website and phone number.

What exactly is an “instant author kit?”

When you purchase this instant author kit, you’re purchasing a license that allows you to edit, customize, reprint and resell the books, with your name as the author! You can print the book exactly as it comes, or customize it with your photo, your logo, and your contact information. You instantly become the author of your own magic booklet that features your picture, your logo, and drives traffic to your site!

Basically, I’ve done the hard work for you! It would take hundreds of hours to research the tricks, type up explanations, layout the format, illustrate over 100 pictures, and design your own covers. How much is your time worth?

My instant author kit comes in booklet format (5 ½ inches by 8 ½ inches—letter-size paper folded in half), which is the best format for small magic books. This format utilizes both sides of the paper, allows for economical printing, and provides the best format for packaging.

The booklet comes with three different covers, you can choose which cover you like best, or use one of your own!

To help advertise yourself, the front and back inside covers are blank. This allows you to insert your own custom ad to increase your bookings!

One of the coolest features of this instant author book is that all of the needed supplies for the tricks can be included in a small bag. For about $.50 per book, you can include all of the supplies needed to perform the ten tricks. This not only increases the re-sell value (how many other instant author books can you sell WITH all the supplies they need to perform the tricks), but also creates excitement because kids can get started with the magic right away! It turns the booklet into a mini magic kit!

Here’s what’s included:

* 35-page Instant Author magic booklet (in both PDF and Word formats) with ten magic tricks fully explained with text and nearly 60 beautiful illustrations! (the illustrations themselves are worth it!)

* Five “bonus” tricks (also beautifully illustrated) you can print out and use individually or combine with the others!

* Three original cover options (you choose which one you like the best, or use one of your own.)

* A 20-page success guide, which shares ideas for selling the booklets, sample scripts for pitching them, full instructions on printing, packaging, and assembling the books, and trick packs.

You only need to sell 15 of these books to break even! ($3 profit x 15 books = $45). You could easily up-sell that to one birthday mom, or sell three times that at one evening library program!

Here are the ways you can customize your instant author booklet:

– Adding your name as the author to the cover images

– Adding your website at the bottom of each page

– Customizing the title of the booklet to whatever you’d like

Check out the included covers!

Here’s a sample trick:

(remember, all of the text is customizeable!)

To purchase your instant author kit for just $45, you can send paypal to [email protected] or call me at 800-388-5567 to pay by credit card over the phone.  Once you’ve paid, I’ll send you a link to download your files.  (Please allow up to 24 hours)


Can I print as many booklets as I want?

Yes. When you purchase this license, you’re purchasing the right to modify, reprint, and distribute as many books as you want without paying any future royalties or licensing fees! The digital files that are sent to you are yours to keep!

Can I resell the license?

No. The license grants only the original purchaser permission to use the copyrighted text, images, and layout and all associated files.  You may not claim exclusive copyright to the content.

Exactly what file formats are included?

The booklet comes in two formats, PDF and Microsoft Word. The cover images are provided in PDF and JPG formats. If you need additional formats, you can request those and we’ll do our best to send them to you! The included 20-page success guide comes in PDF format.

What magic tricks are included?

The ten tricks included in the booklet are: Coin through hole, Jumping/Linking paperclips, Magician Always Wins, Balancing Card, Rising Ring, Jumping Rubber Band, Walking Through Paper, Penny to Quarters, Vanishing Paperclip, and Vanishing Coin. The “bonus” effects include silk through glass, paper bag mystery, how to ninja slice a banana, multiplying candy, and impromptu card balance.

How does this instant author kit differ from other ones on the market?

First, it doesn’t use out-dated and dangerous props like matchboxes, cigarettes, top hats, and sugar cubes. Second, it contains more illustrations than any other instant author kit I’m aware of! In this day and age, people are much more visual and have an easier time learning from a mix of text and illustrations rather than text alone. Third, this instant author kit delivers the most value. You’ll pay less for this kit than other comparable kits on the market. This means making back your initial investment in a shorter time and making profits in record time! Fourth, this kit is the easiest to customize. No need to hire a designer or try to get a caricature drawn that matches the original artwork.

Does this work with international formats?

I’ve had several international performers purchase my instant author kit.  It is not formatted for foreign sizes, which means you’ll either have to do that yourself, or hire a designer to do it for you.

To purchase your instant author kit for just $45, you can send paypal to [email protected] or call me at 800-388-5567 to pay by credit card over the phone.  Once you’ve paid, I’ll send you a link to download your files.  (Please allow up to 24 hours)

Here are some quick videos I made to help you get the most out of your Instant Author Kit!