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Birthday Party Magic Classes!

Think your child might be a little too old for a kid’s magic show, but still want something creative, original, and fun? Bring Presto to teach a birthday party magic class!

I’ve performed for enough kids to know that those ages 8-11 enjoy watching magic, but they really enjoy learning the secrets behind the tricks. I begin a birthday party magic class by first performing a few tricks I don’t reveal the secrets to. This gets the kids excited for magic and eager to learn magic secrets. Then, I demonstrate the first magic class trick and ask if anyone knows how it was done. That’s when the learning begins…class is in session. I demonstrate each trick, teach the method behind the trick, and then the kids get a few minutes to practice before moving on to the next effect.  At the end of the class, each child goes home with a bag of tricks, an instruction booklet, and other magic surprises!

Presto teaches magic classes to children
kids practice at a magic class with Presto the Magician

Why Presto’s Birthday Party Magic Class?

♦ A creative, exciting activity for kids ages eight and up!
♦ An interactive, hands-on experience for everyone who attends!
♦ No need for goody bags (each child takes home a bag of tricks!)
♦ Over an hour of entertainment and fun!

Frequently Asked Questions:

No, but they will find out some of the secrets behind principles of magic! In the magic classes, we talk about how performing magic often depends on a combination of magic principles, sleight of hand, and acting! The magic tricks I reveal and teach are based on basic magic principles, appropriate for beginners and perfect for inspiring kids to explore more!

Magic is a wonderful hobby for kids! It inspires confidence, ignites a passion for learning, fosters performance and public-speaking skills, and even helps develop hand-eye coordination. You can fuel your child’s love of magic by:

1) Checking out books at your local library (Magic is section 793.8)

2) Buying magic sets, books, or instructional DVDs from your favorite magic shop (I highly recommend Mark Wilson’s Encyclopedia of Magic)

3) Having your child attend a magic summer camp or take private magic lessons

While the content of each magic class is unique to the level and suggested age range, the tricks are generally easy to learn and your child will be able to perform at least a few of them just minutes after learning them. Some of the effects, however, are more involved and will require additional effort. After all, magic secret #2 is “Practice, practice, practice!”

I offer a variety of tricks in each class, here are some specific descriptions.
(*Please note that despite every effort to keep this list current, the effects may occasionally change from what’s listed here!)

Mind-Reading Crayon – The magician “reads” someone’s mind and announces which color they chose.

Houdini’s Knot – A story about how Houdini tied the world fastest knot (and how you can too!)

Pick a Card – A spectator picks a card, puts in back in the deck, and the magician causes the entire deck to reverse itself, except for the chosen card!

Mr. Bagee – The top of a zip-top plastic bag comes to life!

The Magic Paddle – A plastic paddle is shown to have a square on both sides, then a circle appears…on both sides!

The Fortune Telling Fish – A small plastic fish is placed on the hand and reveals a fortune!

Don’t worry, that’s why I include complete instructions with each magic class!

While the length of the show varies depending on many factors, most magic classes usually run 60-75 minutes.

Birthday party fun with Presto the Magician

The total investment for the Birthday Party Magic Class is $450

(includes supplies for up to 20 kids….$5 each additional).

Contact Presto with any questions or to book your show today!

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