Kids Birthday Parties

Looking for an awesome birthday party magic show experience?

All of my birthday party packages include my hilarious birthday magic show guaranteed to be fun for the whole family.  I highly recommend everyone watches the show together…it’s that much fun!  The kids will be rolling on the floor laughing and the adults will have just as much fun as the kids (though they may not be rolling on the floor!).

birthday child helping Presto with a magic trick

Your child will be the star of the show, helping Presto on stage with several tricks as he performs the impossible. You’ll love the smiles on the kid’s faces and their laughter is so infectious! Many adults say their favorite part of the show is watching the kids reactions. Even if your child has seen Presto before, Presto adds new routines to his show each year!

I offer three birthday party packages:


My BASIC Birthday Party Package includes a high-energy, fun-filled 30-minute comedy magic show. At the end of the show, all the kids will receive an activity card to take home as a souvenir of the show. The total investment for the BASIC Birthday Party Package is $350*.


My DELUXE Birthday Party Package is a full 45-minute event, including my hilarious birthday comedy magic show performed in front of a spectacular theater backdrop, transforming the room into a theater stage. This makes for a great photo op! As part of the DELUXE package, your child will receive a special magic trick from Presto, plus a Magic Funbook (retail $20) that features over 150 magic tricks, games, puzzles, optical illusions, and more. At the end of the show, all of the children receive their very own magic wand as a special take-home souvenir of the show, plus a card that teaches them magic tricks they can do with their magic wands.  The total investment for the DELUXE Birthday Party Package is $450*.

Deluxe Birthday Party Package


My ULTIMATE Birthday Party Package is an experience designed to fill more of the two-hour party. The ULTIMATE package includes everything in the DELUXE package, plus 30-minutes of party games as guests arrive. In addition, Presto performs close-up/mingling magic for your guests after the show while cake is served. The total investment for the ULTIMATE Birthday Party Package is $625*.



*Additional travel charges may apply, depending on your location. Up to 20 wands or magic tricks included free (with DELUXE and ULTIMATE packages), $1 each additional.

kids magic birthday party entertainer - Presto the Magician

If your child is 8 or older, and interested in magic, they might enjoy my BIRTHDAY PARTY MAGIC CLASS!  CLICK HERE to learn more.

To add even more fun to your party, Presto offers the following optional add-ons:

Inflatable Magic Wands

Inflatable Magic Wand party favor

These two-foot jumbo inflatable wands are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages.  They won’t pop like balloons, they’re self-sealing, long-lasting, and kids LOVE playing with them.


(up to 20 included.  $3 each additional)

Magic Booklets

Magic Tricks Booklet Add-on

Presto’s magic booklet teaches 10 easy-to-learn yet incredible magic tricks, perfect for the beginner or kids who are already interested in magic. The book explains each trick, step by step, and is filled with over 60 beautiful illustrations.


(up to 20 included.  $3 each additional)

 Presto’s schedule fills very quickly! To avoid missing out on all this fun, book your show now.

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